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This Website Shows You What Political Positions Are Available In Your Area And How To Run

Politics are on everyone’s mind these days. President Trump’s election has further polarized the nation and raised the volume in the debate about public policy and America’s direction.

People on both sides of the political divide are marching, donating, organizing, tweeting and otherwise making their opinions known. But, honestly, none of that is likely to truly result in change.

So what does? What’s the best way to sway the system? To implement the change we want to see in our government?

The simple answer: Get into the game by running for office.

A new website helps people accomplish just that. Run for Office, shows you what positions are available in your area, when they’re available, and how to run.

All you have to do is type in your address. Run for Office then populates a list of the positions available in your district and when the next election is for each. Click on a position to get a description of the duties, salary information, and a link for registration if it’s currently open.

Once you register, you’re on your own. Whether you’re interested in a seat on a local community college board or in the U.S. Senate, Run for Office is a great tool to help you roll up your sleeves and start making a real difference.

My research on what makes for a happy retirement shows that social engagement and a sense of purpose are key to making the most of our post-career years. If you feel strongly about the future of your community or country, serving in elective office could be a truly rewarding way to spend some of your time in retirement.

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