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What $2,000 A Month In Rent Gets You In Cities All Over The World

Ah, Big City Life! Living at the center of it all. The hustle, the bustle, the endless possibilities — both personal and professional!

It’s amazing. And that’s why it costs a pretty penny. How pretty? Here’s a look at what you can rent for under $2,000 per month in some of the world’s hottest cities. If nothing else, it will make you feel better about your current rent or mortgage payment.

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San Francisco — The city’s residential market is fueled by tech cash and a flood of young professionals who want to live in town. The result: $1,700 gets you an 180 square foot (!) studio apartment. There’s only room for a kitchenette with a mini-fridge and microwave (no stove), but so what? You can walk to many of San Fran’s best restaurants. Just think of it as living in a Microtel motel room.

san franciscoPhoto Courtesy of Zillow

New York City – The Big Apple, a legendarily expensive town, is actually a little better than San Fran when it comes to housing costs. You can get a 775 square foot one bedroom apartment in Manhattan for $1,550 per month. It’s got its own bathroom, proximity to the subway and lots of walkable restaurants.

new york apartmentPhoto Courtesy of Zillow

Atlanta – Part of Atlanta’s charm is affordable housing. For $1,760 per month you can spread out in a sprawling two-bedroom, two bath apartment not far from trendy Buckhead entertainment district. The amenities include a washer/dryer and swimming pool!

ATLPhoto Courtesy of Zillow

London – Ever served on a submarine? If so, you’ll be well prepared for life in one of the world’s most expensive cities. For a mere $1,960 per month you can be the master of 388 square feet of furnished awesomeness in the heart of the city. Who cares if the living room/dining room and kitchenette are all the same room? It’s London, baby!

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Dubai, UAE – There’s a lot of money sloshing around this desert city. So, it’s no surprise a 600 square foot studio apartment can fetch $1,633 a month. The first thing the listing agent wants you to know is that the place is “clean.” That’s never a promising opener.

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Tokyo — Ever see those pictures of Tokyo subway riders being shoved into the cars by attendants? That’s pretty much life in Japan’s capital. So, no surprise that $1,913 per month gets you just 461 square feet of apartment space in what appears to be an older luxury high-rise. Pets are negotiable, as are “musical instruments.”

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Sydney, Australia — No bargains Down Under! $1700 per month gets you a “cozy” studio near what is apparently a cool part of town. The square footage isn’t listed, but when a realtor calls a space “generous,” you better not plan on bringing your full-sized sofa or king bed. At least there’s a full kitchen and a communal rooftop to give you some breathing room.

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Paris — The City of Light will lighten your wallet with its rents. A 344 square foot apartment in the 4th arrondissement will cost you $1,834 per month. The furnished one-bedroom opens onto a courtyard and is located in a historic neighborhood. All in all, that might make it bargain!

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