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What Kind Of Procrastinator Are You?

There are two kinds of people in the world – procrastinators, and procrastinators who deny they procrastinate. The fact is, we all put off tasks we don’t want to tackle. Some of us more often than others.

As with any habit, if you want to stop procrastinating, it helps to understand the behavior’s roots. Your procrastination likely stems from one of three personality traits, according to DePaul University researcher Dr. Joseph Ferrari.

Thrill seekers procrastinate because they love the excitement of racing against a deadline.

Avoiders put off tasks because they are afraid of being judged on the outcome – good or bad.

Indecisives tend to delay the job because they can’t decide how best to handle it. (They are often perfectionists.)

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Recognize anyone? Dr. Ferrari has devised a flowchart to help people identify their particular type of procrastination. Answering a few yes/no questions about your fears and attitudes helps determine what drives your chronic dithering. Are you easily stressed? Are you concerned about what others think? Are you afraid of failure? Success?

Breaking the procrastination habit requires addressing these underlying issues, according to Dr. Ferrari. Thrill seekers, for example, must learn to get their kicks from other sources, like doing a great job. Indecisives should let go of their perfectionism, and understand that mistakes can be a learning opportunity. Avoiders need to embrace success and ignore what others think of their work.

If you are a serious procrastinator, this could be life-changing stuff. Look at it today. Not tomorrow!

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