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Why Swearing Could Make You A More Honest Person

Remember what your mom told you about people who curse? They are crude, ignorant and vulgar, right?

Well, that’s her opinion. Science says people who swear are smart and honest.

Really? Damn, right!

According to a recent study, people are most likely to use profanity to express themselves, not to attack others. The curse words are frequently used to express feelings, and those who frequently share their feelings tend to be more honest. The results were based on interviews with 276 people about their swearing habits and their honesty in various situations. The researchers also analyzed the status updates of 73,000 Facebook users looking for a connection between profanity and honesty.

A separate 2016 study indicates a correlation between swearing and verbal intelligence, which is the type of intelligence associated with oral language. According to that research, people with larger vocabularies use more curse words.

So much for that other momism, “Swearing is the sign of a limited vocabulary.”

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