Woman tricks husband into thinking she adopted a ‘coyote’ and his text reaction is HYSTERICAL

We love the people closest to us in our lives — and sometimes we just need to rile them up just for the fun of it.  That’s exactly what Kayla Eby did to her husband in a sinisterly hilarious way that’s bound to go down in Internet history as one of the best pranks ever.

Enter a picture of Kayla and her hubby’s small child, relaxing on their couch, with a Photoshopped picture of a coyote lying next to the child. Kayla sent a text of the picture to her husband and explained that she “found this cute little dog” and decided to bring him inside.  What follows is one of the most hysterical text exchanges I’ve ever seen.

Ranging from disbelief to sheer panic, Kayla’s husband’s responses to her text of the bogus image are priceless.  Case in point – once her husband has a chance to study the picture, he text yells:  “THAT’S NOT A F’ING DOG BABY.  ANSWER YOUR PHONE.  That’s a f’ing coyote.”

The gig isn’t up there.  Kayla plays dumb and sweet and keeps her husband on the hook for a while, insisting that the “dog” is cold and scared.

Her husband’s text responses to her bounce between shock, fear, disbelief and trying to be reasonable. (Apparently there was a past incident when Kayla brought home four ferrets at once, which hubby tries to use as an example to reason with her to get the coyote out of the house.) What makes the prank so great is that her husband fails to catch on to the ruse. It goes on until, at his wit’s end, Kayla’s husband is about to leave work and come home, and Kayla decides to let the coyote out of the bag, so to speak.

You can read the entire text exchange below, which Kayla posted on Facebook, where it’s been shared more than 425,000 times. Warning:  F-bombs ensue. But, to be fair, Kayla’s husband was dealing with his small son sitting on the couch next to a f’ing coyote.


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