Most Well-Trained Dog Ever? You Won’t Believe What He Can Do

This is Baron, a Czech working line German Shepard who is better trained than most adults. He lives with 3-year-old Alexander and his mother, Linda González, who runs Hill Country K9, a dog training and behavior modification center in Southern California. After this little family adopted Baron, Alexander and his mom trained him to perform adorable and helpful tricks. They began to post short videos of Baron doing household chores on facebook and he soon became a hit.

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The videos have thousands of views and showcase the relationship between Alexander and his beloved dog. Here are some of the most popular and adorable videos they have posted.

He feeds the horses.

He’ll bring you a towel when you ask for it.

He’ll bring in and put away the groceries.

He’ll give you a towel when you make a mess.

He has great will power.

He’ll do the laundry.

He’ll be your workout buddy.

And your best friend.

Check out Baron’s Facebook page to keep up with Alexander and Baron.

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