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You Won’t Believe What This Island Is Offering To Angry U.S. Voters

In our hyperpolarized political scene it’s not surprising that people are talking about leaving the country if the 2016 Presidential election doesn’t go their way. Those who oppose Republican nominee Donald Trump have been especially vocal about their intention to go into exile if Trump is elected.

The enterprising residents of Inishturk, a remote Irish island, are looking to cash-in on all that harrumphing by luring those would-be ex-pats. The island’s business development team is positioning the island, located nine miles off the coast of County Mayo, as the ideal place for anti-Trumpers to lick their wounds for four or eight years.

While this campaign may be tongue-in-cheek, the issues facing the island are serious. The population has sunk to just 58 in recent years leaving its viability as a community in question. People and jobs are desperately needed.

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Inishturk boosters admit their winters can be rough, but they swear summers are gorgeous. Ex-pat kids would get a great education because the student teacher ratio is nearly one-to-one. (There are currently just three kids enrolled in local schools.)

But mostly they play to their island’s real strength — isolation and the tranquility it would bring to Americans frazzled by the thought of The Donald running their country.

When I first heard this story I realized Inishturk has a natural Star Wars marketing tie-in for their campaign. In The Force Awakens we learn that a dispirited Luke Skywalker has exiled himself to a remote island on a watery planet. Those scenes were filmed on the Irish island of Skellig. A Star Wars campaign would work nicely seeing as many Trump supporters see him as an aspiring evil emperor!

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