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In a recent Morningstar Report, CIA’s sister company Wela Strategies’ ETF portfolio was ranked number one. Released on September 11, the Morningstar ETF Managed Portfolios Landscape Report ranks the Wela Agg Yield ETF Portfolio as the top ranking Tactical Global ETF Strategy in the Country*.

The Wela Agg Yield was classified in the global all-asset tactical group and was ranked at the top for 1 year returns out of 31 ranked managed ETF portfolios. According to Morningstar, professional money managers are packaging portfolios of ETFs into investment strategies to meet a wide array of investor demands, and thanks to the continual development of individual ETFs, they are providing access to both stand-alone investment strategies and one-stop, complete-solution offerings. “Our Wela Agg Yield is a unique blend of income-producing investments that aim to generate a consistent cash flow in a low and rising interest rate environment,” explains Mitch Reiner, Managing Partner of Wela Strategies and COO of Capital Investment Advisors. “Therefore, in an age where 10 year yields are below 2 percent and America’s baby boomers are retiring, the need for an income solution is upon us.”

*Please note there is a misprint in the published article, and Wela is ranked number one in the country and not county.

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