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Wes Moss Listed as Top 40 RIA

Wes Moss has been named by Wealth Management Magazine as one of the country’s Top 40 Under 40 Registered Investment Advisors. Moss ranked 25 on this national list of 40.

According to Wealth Management Magazine, “The financial advisory industry is supposedly graying. So we decided to find the top relatively youthful FAs. Combing through the Meridian-IQ database of financial advisors, as well as holding conversations with industry gadflys and accumulating numerous press reports, we’ve assembled this list of 40 up-and-coming independent financial advisors all under 40 years old and working at some of the largest RIAs in the country. While we rank the list by AUM, the number may or may not reflect the assets personally controlled by the individual advisor at that firm. Our requirements: Advisors must hold client-facing roles, and their firms must be retail-oriented. The firms must have some clients for whom they do financial planning and none may operate a broker/dealer, a bank or be affiliated with an investment company.”

To see the full list please visit the following link:

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