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A Checklist To Keep Your Garden In Good Health All Summer Long

Summer is here, and it’s hot outside, y’all. While it may seem best to seek refuge from the swelter inside with the AC cranked, don’t forget about your gardens! The summer is when we can enjoy nature’s bounty and the best blooms, granted we continue to give our plants a little love.

Wondering how much to water, feed, prune and plant? Take the guesswork out of your gardening by browsing our July checklist. No matter where you live, you’ll find the information you need to keep your greenery in good health, all summer long.

Here’s our list of maintenance tips, organized by region:

The Southeast   Don’t let your annuals show too much leg. Prune these babies back to encourage a fresh start and new growth. Plants like petunias love a good pinch, as it promotes branching and results in a bushier plant.

The Mid-Atlantic – This is the time that plants here shine, truly showing nature’s abundance. Keep growth fresh by deadheading and trimming leafy herbs, and be sure to pluck out pesky weeds that can choke your garden. Do these things, and you’ll still have a harvest well into fall.

The Northeast Let flowers planted in your vegetable gardens add protection and a bit of flare. Plants like Calendula help draw pollinators and butterflies, grows easily from seed and self-sows. These lovely orange flowers will be right at home among your tomatoes and herbs.

The Great Lakes – In this region, you’re coming up on the highest temperatures of the year. Make sure your container plants have enough to drink. On the hottest days, you may have to water them more than once, especially if they’re in smaller containers or hanging baskets, as these dry out faster.

Texas   Deep in the heart of Texas, the days can be scorchers. Plan to water more deeply but less often, as this encourages sturdy roots, which help your plants thrive during the typically dry summer.

The Rocky Mountains Natives here know that the hot, windy, dry weather can be challenging for plants. That’s why it’s important to be water wise. Target the plant’s root zone instead of doing broadcast watering, and your garden should be just fine.

The Southwest – Now is the time for the glory of sunflowers. Plant these beauties throughout the summer, starting from seed if you like. These giants are perfect at providing shade for your tomato and cucumber plants.

California Perfume, anyone? Scent makers like gardenias and star jasmines thrive in July in the golden state. Grow jasmine in a pot, as ground cover, or as a vine. It will look and smell beautiful all summer long.

The Northwest – This is the end season for roses, so as the blooms fade be sure to deadhead any brown blossoms. By pruning off old flowers, you let the rose know to continue blooming throughout the summer. Just snip off spent flower clusters right above a leaf with five leaflets, and you’ll get a fresh batch of vibrant blooms.

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