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Is Your “Storage Almost Full”? Here’s An Easy Trick To Clear Up Space Your iPhone

One of the most annoying “first world problems” is a clogged iPhone. There you are, all ready to capture your grandson’s first at-bat on video, or download the one truly useful app you’ve come across when you get that dreaded message: Storage Almost Full.

Am I right? The people at Apple seem to have programmed their phones to run out of memory exactly when you need it most. Honestly, if I ever stumble across aliens disembarking from their spaceship, I fully expect my iPhone to inform me it doesn’t have enough memory for even one snapshot.

The Storage Almost Full message typically sends us into a frenzy of deleting – pics, videos, apps – anything to pick up a few megabytes of space.

It turns out there is a quicker and easier way to free up some space on your iPhone. All you have to do is try to rent a really long movie from iTunes.  This video explains the process.

Check it out before the next family birthday party or dance recital.

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