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What Causes Airplane Turbulence?

While it may be as routine as the in-flight movie, air turbulence can cause even the most frequent flyer to say a little prayer. After all, feeling the massive plane dip and sway and shake as you clench your seat’s armrests can be alarming, to say the least.

Sometimes, the occurrence is so light that most passengers don’t feel it at all. Other times, however, the bouncing around is more pronounced, leading to spilled drinks and strained seatbelts.

But despite what it may feel like, the plane is not actually about to fall out of the sky. As it turns out, turbulence is normal and nothing to really worry about.

And here are some comforting facts. While extreme turbulence can technically cause serious damage to the body of a plane, it’s extremely rare and a crash is even more unlikely.

In fact, you face more risk of serious injury if you take a ride on a roller coaster than when gliding on a choppy plane. That’s because today’s modern commercial aircraft can withstand forces one-and-a-half times stronger than anything that’s been encountered in the last 40 years of flight.

So, you can now breathe a little easier the next time you buckle in for a flight.

If you’ve been curious about what causes turbulence, take a look at the video below. It’s an entertaining explanation of just what happens when the plane hits a bump in the celestial road. Happy traveling!

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