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Journey to Machu Picchu with this gorgeous first-class train service

Sometimes it’s worth it to splurge when you travel. If you’ve ever wanted to go (or go back) to Machu Picchu, while traveling in splendid style, there’s no better time than now.

Set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, overlooking the Urubamba River valley, the 15th-century ruins are home to panoramic views that, in addition to the stunning architecture, are a sight to behold. Majestic and breathtaking, Machu Picchu earned its place as one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. Still, much of the allure and excitement of traveling to this ancient Incan stronghold is the journey getting there.

Getting to Machu Picchu once required a journey worthy of an Indiana Jones adventure. Today you can make your way to the ruins in world-class comfort aboard a luxury train operated by Inca Rail. The railway’s recently renovated cars envelop passengers in grandeur as they make their way across the stunning Peruvian countryside.

One of the most impressive upgrades to the train service is the addition of a new set of carriages that boast full-scale views of the voyage. The 360º Machu Picchu Train cars feature wider and taller panoramic windows and include an open-air viewing platform. This area also has a bar, so that you can wet your whistle with handcrafted cocktails featuring fresh fruit juices and Andean herbs. Inside, guests can indulge in gourmet meals that feature locally-sourced ingredients from the Sacred Valley. Additional perks include an audio guide that uses GPS to give listeners details on the current and historical context of the surrounding regions. Prices for this trip start at just $191 round-trip.

There’s also The First-Class Machu Picchu Train, which offers panoramic views, recliner seats, and an observatory lounge. Passengers can also take advantage of a full-service bar, outdoor balcony, and three-course tasting menu. Local musicians playing traditional music enhance the Andean mood. Prices start at $398 round-trip.

For a more economical (but still upgraded) trek, you can take The Voyager Machu Picchu Train. Here you’ll find oversized windows, recliner seats and enough space to accommodate over 500 travelers, all for only $128 round-trip.

Traveling with friends? Consider climbing aboard The Private Machu Picchu Train. Available to groups of eight or more, this carriage is the only private charter service available to the ruins. You’ll be treated to a welcome bottle of champagne, an open bar and a tasting menu with regional wine pairings, all while taking in the carriage’s unique decor of artisanal Andean accents. The cost for this trip starts at $9,000 round-trip.

You can choose to take the train straight to Machu Picchu, or you can do it over the course of a few days, depending on your schedule. Inca Rails suggests you devote three days to the ride, spending time in each of the many stopping points along the way. But no matter how you choose to ride the rails, rest assured that you will be wrapped in luxury fit for an Incan emperor.

Photos courtesy of Inca Rail

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