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Volkswagen Beetle May Be Discontinued

The Volkswagen Beetle is apparently taking its final lap around dealerships. VW will soon stop making the beloved little sedan, according to news reports.

So many of us think of VW “Bugs” fondly. In the 1960s, Bugs were an icon – the automobile of choice in the hippie culture (along with its cousin, the VW bus). Today’s Bugs often come complete with a flower vase, as a nod to its flower power history. And remember those contests to see how many people could pack into a Bug’s interior? (The Guinness Book record is 20.)

While rumors have circulated about an electric version of the little sedan, Volkswagen says there won’t be a next generation of the Beetle.

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The VW Beetle debuted in 1938 but didn’t go into mass production until the end of WWII. During the 60s and 70s, you couldn’t drive through a neighborhood without seeing at least one Bug in a driveway. More than 21,500,000 Beetles have been made, making it the most-manufactured and longest-running automobile in history.

This is not the first time the Bug has been swatted away. VW stopped production in 2003 but brought the car back in 2011 with a new, sleeker design. VW officials, however, say this time is different.

According to an interview with VW’s Head of Technical Development Frank Welsch, the Beetle had a good run, but now it’s time for the company to move in other directions. No date has yet been announced for when the last Bug will roll down the assembly line.

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