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New Beginnings: Capital Investment Advisors Move To A New Office

After nearly two decades, Capital Investment Advisors is moving to a new office. It’s the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us. Still, I have so many fond memories of our “old” building.

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the office back in 2008. At that time, it was being prepped for an addition. After days of heavy rain, the foundation had become one giant mud puddle. We all had to enter through a side door with a plywood walkway. Even then the building had a warmth about it, though.

The building was so different from the glass tower in New York City where I began my career. There was nothing cold, intimidating or austere about Capital Investment Advisors’ Sandy Springs Place digs. It was a decidedly discreet brick building with lots of beautiful windows in the heart of Sandy Springs. And it would humbly remain this way for the years to come. Our space created a sense of comfort and home. And that felt good. After all, most of us spend about 50% of our waking hours at work, so we want to feel comfortable while we’re there.

As you can imagine, deciding to move was not easy. But because we are expanding internally and externally, we needed new and updated space for our CIA team. Over time, we’ve added to our family of companies, including tax, estate planning, healthcare consulting, and digital advisor firm Wela.

Our growth has been wonderful and exciting, but we began running out of parking spaces for our team members and had to house some divisions in other buildings. With this new chapter and this new office, we will be able to house all of our talent under one roof (with plenty of parking).

The entirety of the CIA family spent more than a year planning and thinking through what we wanted our new office to look like since we were largely creating it from scratch.

We wanted to make sure our CIA DNA went into it.

So, we built our new space around our most cherished values, helping families find happiness in retirement. To that end, we have a wall devoted to showcasing pictures and postcards from clients as they travel and experience the world, or as they engage in their core pursuits and do what they love at home. This wall is both a testament to and a reminder of what we are here to do – to facilitate happiness.

We also have local Atlanta artwork from art organization WonderRoot that highlights our firm’s core values: know your craft, be obsessed and passionate about what you do, do what is right, and every person matters. Our new office features a layout that facilitates a more communal way of working, and we’ve added some fun touches, like naming our copy rooms after the largest cities in Georgia – Atlanta, Augusta, Macon, and Columbus.

I’m so excited about this new beginning, this new chapter in CIA’s story. It’s fantastic that we will have all of our disciplines under one roof and on one floor so that our professionals can communicate more readily. And, it’s always exciting to move to a new, updated space.

When I walk into our new office, it feels like I’m walking into home. I hope you feel that way, too, when you come to visit us.

Capital Investment Advisors
10 Glenlake Parkway
North Tower, Suite 1000
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