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A Vet Clinic in Ireland is Seeking a Professional ‘Cat Cuddler’

I’m a big believer in post-career jobs. Working part-time in retirement offers all sorts of benefits. It can help you transition into a life of full-time leisure, provide extra income, and provide the social interactions that are so important to a happy retirement.

What it should not provide is stress. Your retirement job should be fun. Ideally, it will involve something you love – golf, gardening, sewing, or cats.

If that last one caught your eye, we have the dream gig for you: cat cuddler. I kitten you not. A cats-only veterinary clinic in Dublin, Ireland has posted an ad for cat cuddlers.

The basic qualification is, um, being crazy, crazy about cats. Ideal candidates are people who have fed the neighborhood strays, counted kittens to fall asleep, and get “a warm and fuzzy feeling” from petting cats.

As for specific skills, you must be able to pet cats “for long periods,” know how to speak softly and have a knack for calming skittish felines. “An ability to understand different types of purring is a distinct added advantage in helping you secure this position with us,” according to the ad.

You will also need to be registered with the Veterinary Council of Ireland before you can lay a hand on a cat.

Look, Dublin is a wonderful city. But you probably don’t need to move there to become a professional cat cuddler. However much the Irish love kitties, they have nothing on Americans.

Be patient. It’s just a matter of time before America has as many cuddlers as we do baristas.

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