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#110 – The Importance Of Maintaining Your Mental Health with Dr. Gregory Scott Brown

While our physical health is extremely important, people often overlook exercising their mind. Mental health is the driving force behind the decisions we make; how we live, how we work, and how we love. Dr. Gregory Scott Brown, M.D. board-certified psychiatrist, mental health writer, author, and an affiliate faculty member at the University of Texas Dell Medical School, joins this episode to stress the importance of maintaining your mental health and caring for your mind.

Dr. Brown kicks off the episode by defining mental health, touches on the mental health of teens vs. retirees, and talks through how nutrition impacts your mind. He also shares his five essential pillars for mental health that everyone can optimize, why breath work is the most underutilized form of medicine and experiencing burnout. Furthermore, Dr. Brown reveals a great form of therapy for your mind, discusses some of his mental health struggles, and discloses details from his newest book.

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    • Wes talks about the intersection of what he studies. If you have anxiety – the numbers seem to keep going up. We don’t great decisions when we’re anxious. And part of making good decisions is having good mental health.

      Wes asks him to talk about the University of Texas, etc. Dr. Brown talks about it.

      Dr. Brown talks about the balance of mental health and lists the steps. The book will hit shelves June 7th. Available for pre-order now.

      Talks about Common. Men’s Health.

      Wes talks about teens vs. retirees. Is mental health worse for everyone because of the pandemic? Dr. Brown speaks to this. He says some people felt better because they didn’t have to physically go in to work.

      Mediterranean diet. Can be an anti-inflammatory diet.

      Eating more fermented foods can help add back the good bacteria.

      Some amino acids in black tea can naturally benefit anxiety.

      Wes talks about eating candy.

      Balance and moderation is important. Dr. Greg says eat what you would normally eat but make it a little more healthy.

      Breath work is the most underutilized form of medicine.

      478 breathing. Important to exhale longer than you inhale.

      Afternoon lulls. Going for a walk can help.

      Obsessive checking of email – blocks of time. Let your obsession come out and then stop it.

      Talks about burnout. If you feel like you’re burned out, you probably are. That’s where tapping into these self-care strategies can really help.

      Going out and getting drunk might make you feel better temporarily but it won’t be the best long-term. Avoidance doesn’t end up working. You can take your time but don’t sweep it under the rug indefinitely.

      Altruism is a great form of therapy. Dr. Brown brings up his grandma. Every Monday she’d go to her church’s soup kitchen. Sometimes finding something you can do for someone else can really help.

      Wes asks Dr. Brown to talk about the book experience and process. How was it for him.

      In his 20s, Dr. Brown experienced depression. Tapping into spirituality, faith, yoga, breathing. These things really helped him.

      Wes says this episode will be published after the book comes out. So go get it! Names the book. The book offers a 5 step workout for mental health.

      Wes closes it out. Thanks Dr. Brown. Wes says Dr. Brown will probably be able to retire at 52. Dr. Brown says he’ll hold him to that. Laugh.

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