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#114 – What It Means To Live Life In Your Truth And With Integrity with Martha Beck

There’s a difference between living the life you think you should live and living a life you want to live. When we follow numerous social norms we can easily lose our true selves in the process of conforming to what we think we are supposed to be. But in adapting to these norms, could we be missing out on a path to living our happiest lives and becoming one of the happiest retirees on the block? New York Times bestselling author, life coach, and speaker, Dr. Martha Beck, drops by this episode to share how to live a life full of integrity and truth.

Dr. Beck explains how we are born with a genetic destiny of what makes us happy in life and how we get divided internally early on. She also shares her story and experiences of living outside of her integrity, reveals her journey of becoming a life coach, and discusses longing versus yearning. Additionally, Dr. Beck unveils the lasting cure to happiness and lists the signs if you are lying to yourself and are living out of alignment.

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