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#116 – Pinpointing Your Anxiety and Getting A Head Start On A Happy Retirement with Dr. Gail Saltz

Many of us experience anxiety. It’s normal to feel it before a big test, speaking in public, competing in a sporting event, and so on. Though a little bit of anxiety can be a good thing, we must be careful not to let these levels increase beyond the point of becoming a disorder. Dr. Gail Saltz, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, columnist, podcast host, and television commentator joins Wes Moss to explain how anxiety can be alleviated with a little awareness and what happens when happiness and anxiety converge.

Dr. Saltz starts the episode by sharing her thoughts on anxiety and how it can go from good to bad, as well as the most generalized anxiety disorder. Dr. Saltz and Wes also discuss how anxiety would have been treated 100 years ago, her favorite book she’s written, and the most common diagnosis in children. To wrap up the episode Dr. Saltz opens up about the most effective way to help people struggling with anxiety, if she believes teletherapy works, where we are in the evolution of helping more people, and provides Wes with key advice for how he can be a better partner.

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