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#121 – Understanding Different Generations with Chris De Santis

Each generation is different. In fact, some generations are so hard-wired and hardcoded with their own values, that they may overlook the views of others. However, if we understood the generations outside of our own we could better sympathize and empathize with them in our daily lives, workplace, and family life. To help us comprehend each generation, we’re joined by Chris De Santis, organizational behavior speaker, facilitator, consultant, and author of Why I Find You Irritating: Navigating Generational Friction at Work.

Chris describes each generation in detail and generalizes the values and beliefs of those generations. He also explains generational differences, defines what it means to be a humanist, and shares why he believes the best teams are complementary instead of competitive. To conclude, Chris reveals details from his book, the key to generational harmony in a business, and how our early years impact our outlook on life’s principles.

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