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#147 – Revisiting How To Find Your Core Pursuits

Purpose + passion + fun = core pursuits!

When it comes to living a happy retirement, the more passions a retiree has, the better. But, on the other hand, our research shows that unhappy retirees tend to have less than two core pursuits driving their post-work life. So, how can you discover your core pursuits as part of your happy retirement plan? This episode will help you revisit ways to find core pursuits and what they can mean for you.


In honor of March Madness, we’ve compiled a Core Pursuits Bracket to square off sixty-four “hobbies on steroids” to see what kind of core pursuit is championed for the happiest retirees on the block. Would you choose gardening versus pickleball or skydiving versus pottery? Voting is still open, so make your selections on the Retire Sooner social media pages!


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