Capital Investment Advisors

#7 – The Power of Rising Stock Dividends

Wes talks about an unassuming force when it comes to investing – Stock Dividends. If there’s ever a concept in investing to remember it’s this one. They don’t often make the flashy headlines, but the pursuit of dividends is perhaps worthy of a life’s work for any investor. Wes compares what you can get from stock dividends and bond interest based on a study done by his firm, Capital Investment Advisors. 

There are many ways to invest but the focus at Retire Sooner is to help you understand your investments and what they can produce for you in income once you stop working. As you listen to the episode today, focus on how you can make your money grow and payout over time.

Capital Investment Advisors’ study that compares how an investment in equities for dividend income has fared relative to investing in bonds for income:

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