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#79 – The Realities of Inherited Wealth and The Importance of Legacy with David York

Is inherited wealth a powerful tool or a destructive one? Though inherited wealth sounds effortless, there is more to successfully transferring this wealth amongst generations. In this episode, Wes sits down with Estate Planning Attorney, CPA, and Author, David York, to discuss the particulars of inherited wealth and wealth transfer.

David also shares the logistics of giving a TED talk and details from his book, “Entrusted.” Additionally, David reveals the common habits of families who have successfully transferred wealth, walks through the background of a well-known wealthy family, explains how people learn to value things based on cost, and exposes five truths and the importance of legacy. David and Wes wrap up the conversations discussing what steps families can take to remain successful in wealth transfers for the foreseeable future.

Watch the full podcast episode here:

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