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#80 – Russia Vs. Ukraine Vs. Your Retirement

We’ve all seen the headlines recently — #BidensWar, #StockMarketCrash, and so on. From a pandemic to a slower moving crisis, the current state of these geopolitical issues has led to market uncertainty and volatility. However, in this phase of world issues, we’ve found it best to analyze similar moments in history to help us understand what’s to come.

During this episode, Wes references historical corollaries to help listeners grasp what the future holds for the market. Wes also simplifies the current state of military issues, explains what these issues mean for the United States, and how this can scare investors. Further, he shares historical market averages, a pattern in market corrections, and stresses why our best weapon against turning temporary losses into permanent losses is understanding the market. While past performance is not a guarantee of future results, it does provide us with a guide as Wes explains in the podcast. Wes concludes the episode by explaining how dry powder can provide a bridge to the other side of this difficult time.

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