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#81 – The Art of Slowing Down Your Life with Carl Honoré

Our world is built on speed. From our lives to the stock market, even retirement, we aim to tackle every task as quickly as possible; but when is it time to reduce speed and pump the brakes? While our first instinct is to hurry, as humans, we must remind ourselves that being slow is not about doing everything as fast as possible but as smart as possible.

In this episode, Carl Honoré, Journalist, TED Speaker, and Author of “In Praise of Slow,” joins Wes Moss to talk through the “slow movement” and the importance of finding your inner tortoise. Carl reveals the root of his fast-paced life, taking a slow approach to money, and how slowing down grants us time to reflect. He also touches on ageism, unveils the signs of being stuck in fast forward as well as three tips for slowing down your life.

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