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#92 – The Great Wealth Transfer with Dan Abramowitz and Joel Dean

Dan Abramowitz and Joel Dean join this episode of Retire Sooner to talk through The Great Wealth Transfer. Dan Abramowitz is a Regional Business Development Manager and Investment Advisor at CIA, and Joel Dean, CFP® is an Investment Advisor and Director of Investment Associates at CIA.

During this episode, we discuss how to prepare for The Great Wealth Transfer, as well as why Generation X and Millennials are most likely to benefit and what wealth looks like for these generations in the future. Dan and Joel also touch base on The FIRE Movement and how people are now preparing children for wealth and not their wealth for their children. This episode wrapped up with Wes, Dan, and Joel discussing the spending habits of Happy Retirees, transferring finances into a Donor Advised Fund along with how inflation can impact transferred wealth, and tips for your own Great Wealth Transfer.

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