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Wes Moss Featured in Quicken Loans’ Blog: How to Retire Happy

Some retirees are stressed and anxious about the future, while others flourish in retirement. What sets the two groups apart? What does it take to feel secure and confident when heading into retirement? We interviewed several experts who have worked with countless pre- and post-retirees and may have the key to happiness during retirement…


Another pillar of retirement is a retiree’s lifestyle. How do they spend their days? What gets them up in the morning? This can be many different things to different people.

Wes Moss, Chief Investment Strategist at Capital Investment Advisors, bestselling author of “You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think” and host of the radio show “Money Matters,” interviewed and assessed over 1,350 retirees from 46 states to determine that the happiest retirees focus on 3.6 core pursuits. A core pursuit is something that a retiree is excited about and is motivated by – something that they feel energized by. The top pursuits involve the individual’s community and social circles, such as volunteering.

Working on a core pursuit isn’t something that can happen overnight. Just like with saving and planning for retirement, you can’t start the year before and expect to have a sustainable lifestyle. You have to work hard for years to set yourself up for success.

Wes tells a story of one of his clients who decided to develop a side hustle in retirement. He would carve custom wood razor blade handles and sell them all over the world. It turns out, gentlemen from Australia love his product and he can’t keep them in his shop. They sell so fast. He felt fulfilled doing something he loved and was making extra cash as a bonus.

Pre- and post-retirees that focus on their financial needs, personal relationships and lifestyle goals can live a happy and fulfilled life in retirement. All it takes is some planning, dedication and consistency in order to reach happiness in retirement.

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