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Wes Moss Featured On Bankrate: Recession Warning Signs To Look Out For And Tips To Protect Yourself

Recessions happen.

“A recession is always pending and will certainly happen again at some point,” says Wes Moss, the host of the Money Mattersinvestment and personal finance radio show and Chief Investment Strategist and partner at Capital Investment Advisors in Atlanta, Ga. “It’s not likely in 2019,” he adds.

Dr. Jeffrey Rosensweig, an international economist and professor of finance at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, agrees. “I don’t think a recession is imminent. It is true that if we go another year, it’ll be the longest period without a recession in our history,” he says. “But some recent studies show that the length of time we’ve been in a growth period doesn’t really affect the probability that we’ll fall into a recession in the next year. It all depends on the conditions at the moment.”

The truth is, no one has a crystal ball, but smart financial practices will serve you well no matter what the economy does. Here are some recession warning signs to watch for and ways to protect yourself and your finances.

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