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How To Pay for a Trip Around the World; Charlie Munger and the Fight Against Old Rich People – February 19, 2019

On this episode of MM Wes discusses what Charlie Munger thinks about blue states pushing out “rich old people” and how doing so is a fight against economic prosperity. Also, 2019 has been a year of 180s for the three most critical market moving variables. Caller questions include, how to fund a National Geographic trip around the world on a private jet, along with how to invest money for your parents.


9:36 AM Mark asked about his pension versus lump sum

9:53 AM David asked about how he should invest for his parents who are in their 80s

10:10 AM Douglas from Pine log Georgia asked about cd rates

10:23 AM and 10:36 AM Nancy asked about the most tax efficient way to pay for a private jet trip around the world with National Geographic and an African safari

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