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Mauro Gillen, Professor at The Wharton School of U Penn: Hope & Bottlenecks with COVID-19 and the Economy

I think we can all learn a great deal from Professor Mauro Guillen who developed a new course on pandemics at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. COVID-19 came so fast and the world HC system, government, and especially our own psyche just wasn’t prepared. Not enough venerators, testing, nowhere near enough PPE…not even enough hand sanitizer. But now that we HAVE solutions for testing, and a Bridge in government stimulus that’s more than $2.0 Trillion, what we’re faced with now is a Bottleneck. The good news about bottlenecks is that they get solved.

So as you listen to Mauro Gillen from Wharton U Penn, the realization that we HAVE what we need to defeat this pandemic but can’t effectively distribute it yet is the bad news, as there are all sorts of bottlenecks in the system. The good news is that America always figures out a way.

Please excuse the audio issues. Listen at a low volume to reduce white noise. You can find Mauro Gillen on twitter @MauroFGuillen and me @wesmoss365.

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