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Money Matters Special Interview with Mark Van Sumeren – December 26, 2020

When Will You Be Able Vaccinated for COVID-19?  Interview with Leading COVID Data Researcher Mark Van Sumeren


Like most of 2020, today’s COVID news is also today’s economic news.  This next phase of the pandemic is the race to vaccinate the US population and reach herd immunity.  Today’s guest, Mark Van Sumeren is a leading expert to healthcare systems and joins us to discuss this next critical phase of the pandemic.   Mark is the author of the widely distributed Health Industry Advisor research newsletter.  Through the COVID pandemic, Mark has taken the lead in helping the medical profession and healthcare community understand mountains of COVID data from every angle, in a highly objective way.  This objective view of the data is in stark contrast to how mainstream media outlets cover the pandemic.  In the special edition of Money Matters, Wes and Mark discuss how the vaccine should roll out in four distinct phases over the coming months, and when each group (Phase 1a, 1b, 1c, and phase 2) of American’s expect to have vaccines available.

  1. We know that medical professionals and the elderly are receiving vaccines as we speak, who are the next segments of the population will receive vaccines?
  2. One resource you site is data scientist Youyang Gu who couples immunity from infections, and immunity from vaccination. Let’s walk-through your thoughts on the vaccination timeline on the US.
  3. Help us understand the 4 phases of vaccinations, group by group.  When will the first vaccinations for the general population begin?
  4. From your perspective when do you think the US will reach heard immunity?
  5. America seems to accomplish these great hurtles faster than projected. What upside surprises could we see in available vaccines and manufacturing to accelerate the timeline?
  6. What is the number one thing that the media/average American misses when discussing the COVID-19 pandemic?

See graphic on vaccination phases and potential timeline.


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