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Wes Moss Featured On Stacking Benjamins Podcast: How Do You Retire Happy?

You might retire, but how do you retire happy? How do you imagine spending your time in retirement and does pre-planning make you happier? The host of the nation’s longest-running financial radio call-in show, Wes Moss joins us to share his research on what makes for the happiest retirees. He’ll share many secrets including those about hobbies, kids, and what workout even is best, on today’s show

During our headline, we welcome back Chuck Jaffe for his annual Halloween trick-or-treat money lessons. He’s known in his neighborhood for a crazy personal finance game where he offers kids candy or a chance at some money when they trick-or-treat at his house. What will he do this year?! He’ll share and give you tips on organizing your own game. Then we’ll Magnify Steve’s money and answer his question about retirement contributions and debt payoff. Should he save or eliminate the bills? And Doug will also share some beer-related trivia since today is, of all things, National beer day.


Listen to the full Stacking Benjamins episode and read the article here

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