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Wes Moss Featured On GoBankingRates – Financial Professionals Reveal The Best Investments They Ever Made

Planning for Retirement

“My best investment decision was investing early and often,” said Wes Moss, a financial whiz and host of “Money Matters,” the nation’s longest-running live investment and personal finance radio show. “Since I started working, I’ve made a point to put money into my retirement savings accounts, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve continued to challenge myself by investing even more towards my future.”

Moss also touts the value of investing in real estate. In fact, his personal real estate investments are among his most lucrative.

“I believe it’s been successful because I enjoy living in more urban areas, which in recent years have been popular, leading to more appreciation. It’s been a wonderful experience enjoying and valuing my homes for their utility, but then having the surprising financial payoff when it was time for us to move,” he said.

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